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  Her mother-in-law is thin and small, with a llama on her back, but her legs are very sharp, and start is steady and powerful. The eyes are not so strong that they are quick, wise and good. A pair of weather-beaten and still beautiful hands, long and powerful.

  I love her mother-in-law, not only because her mother-in-law is the lover's mother, the daughter's grandmother, but also because of her mother-in-law's hard experience, hard-working, good character, and the selfless love for her children.

  My mother-in-law's unparalleled maternal brilliance has impressed me, touched me, and made me not forget...


  Twenty-four years of the republic of China, the age of 16 her mother-in-law to give phthisis ex-husband joyous, was husband's family home to marry into the door, but it was not until the 16 years later, her ex-husband died, her mother-in-law no marital relations and "husband" real.

  The husband was ill and the family would not be able to raise the girl's daughter-in-law.

  The mother-in-law married. The new husband was a widower who had just lost his wife.

  Mother remarried is rushed with happiness, but when her mother-in-law hope to be happy, to meet her is empty, dark three adobe, four young children, a sack of sprouted potatoes and a crock of old pickle.

  The newlywed sweet few days, the father-in-law went away to make a living, and threw the poor home to the mother-in-law who had never been a mother.

  Since then, the 32-year-old mother-in-law has been the stepmother of four children.

  At that time, the eldest daughter was 15, the eldest son 13, the second son 11, the child was only 8 years old. The poverty of the family kept the children hungry and undressed. Though the child is not his own, the loving mother-in-law sees the pain in her eyes.

  In order to get the children to have dinner, the mother-in-law is willing to give up the face, the owner borrows a ladle to borrow the noodles. To get the children to wear clothes, to do the farm work during the day, and to sew clothes under the dark oil lamps at night. All the toil, hunger, a little body make her mother-in-law had more and more thin, more and more tired, often do work while asleep curled up the body, only such as needle in hand suddenly wake up. Do this for a while, and then do it for a while until dawn.

  The traces of suffering made the mother-in-law develop a habit of lying down for life and clothes.

  The hard days will continue.

  One day, the mother-in-law asked for two catty beans from her family and prepared to make tofu for the children to satisfy their hunger and increase their nutrition. But when the mother-in-law opened the small kitchen cabinet, the beans suddenly disappeared, the mother-in-law was confused: who took the children's life saving food? Commit iniquity! Her mother-in-law rummaged around and looked for her, but there was no sign of her. She was furious and anxious, and thought to herself, she must be able to find the food thief. At that moment, the thirteen-year-old second son, with a stick trembling with a stick, pushed the door in, and fell to his knees with a plop. "I'm sorry, mom! I'm so sorry! You can't find any more. I got the yellow beans. Mom, I'm hungry. I munched on soy beans... You hit me!" The second son cried and implored, and stuck sticks in her mother-in-law's hand: "you play, mom, you hit me! I was wrong, mom!" At this time, the mother-in-law, already a face of tears, the mouth read: "my poor son, mama not dozen you, you quickly rise, you are hungry why not tell mother? My silly child... My silly child..." 'said the old man, and they wept together.

  There is injustice in this cry, there is frustration, but more is love.

  Soon after the marriage, the woman in her thirties was pregnant, which was supposed to be a very happy thing, but her mother-in-law was worried all the time. Neighbor sister-in-law found, then ask whether, her mother-in-law had said: "this child I can not to, I have these four is enough, who are all the same, I regarded them as a of his own, was a burdensome one more."

  In this way, the simple and kind mother-in-law, in order to raise the father-in-law's four children, resolutely ended her own first little life, which really belonged to her.

  Mother-in-law 41 years old, a good news but again let her mother-in-law father-in-law get made difficult, the child's fate in the hands of her mother-in-law again, but eventually, under many adjacent to persuade, to keep the baby's life. The child became my husband, my daughter's father.

  As the son of a mother-in-law, he can't serve dinner, but only when his brothers finish eating. Brother's opinion is always his fault; It's too late to come home from school. He loves football, but her mother-in-law won't buy him a pair of shoes, but he can only wear sewn cloth shoes to play football.

  All this, the reason is very simple, the mother-in-law just does not want to let the neighborhood to say her this stepmother, to favour, wait for slowly.

  The sons and daughters are getting older, working, soldiering, marrying, the mother-in-law that doesn't want to be at the loss, the daughter's dowry, the son's joy, the needle thread is full of the stepmother's affection for the children.

  When time flies, the grandchildren jostle for the warm family, and the mother-in-law smiles. This year, with hair, next year to look at the girl, and then lead the girl...

  My daughter was born in 1988.

  A cold winter day, mother-in-law travel-stained suddenly appeared in front of me, look at her hand carrying two heavy loaded with brown sugar, millet, noodle, egg, sesame seed, children's cotton trousers items such as big basket, I was stunned: "mom, are you? Why? !" The mother-in-law breathlessly answer: "take a train to come." I heard urgent: "you old so big age, so far road, za don't say good you not to come?" The mother-in-law said: "how can I not come, you have children I can not help, but I always think of you, every night sleep unsteady, the dream is you two women!" Once I listen to, a little old lady was nearly 70 years old, from baoding to counting, more than two hundred kilometers, carry heavy items, pitted, outbound, get on the bus, get off, and roads are not familiar with, again how difficult! Thinking of it, my tears ran down...

  When the father-in-law died, we brought her in.

  The mother-in-law is very diligent, in order to give to work busy we reduce the burden, the woman in her 70s insisted to go to the morning market everyday to buy food. Always wash the dishes well, boil the porridge, only when we come back from work to cook the rice. My heart and heart were not able to take effect. My mother-in-law even quietly took our underwear for washing, and I was really sorry to say, "mom, I'm going to do this. You're so old, you should rest." The mother-in-law always disdained to say: "I am used to, stay and suffer. Besides, I am only working on the fifth floor every day. When I am too old to move, I need you to take care of me. I can't help but follow her.


  Her mother's heart, as long as she had seen flowery, cat and dog, under her brush, she was alive and well. Daffodils, peonies, and chrysanthemums are all her best. The painting of the mother-in-law, the color is flowery and not the style, think of there to draw there, zhang zhang clever and wonderful. I often praise the mother-in-law: "you are very good! How do you draw it so well?" The mother-in-law narrowed her eyes and said, "I don't know, but it's all in my heart." Then the mother's face blossomed with the same smile.

  Her mother-in-law not only paints well, but also works well. Oneself cut, the bottom, make face, the thrush, draw the eye, the seam must, not a few days, a pair of lifelike tiger headshoe is done, the solid is admirable.

  The mother-in-law is an old man who loves beauty. She is always clean and neat. What kind of clothes with what shoes, what hat to wear what scarf, including what kind of earrings, what kind of bracelet, the mother-in-law has its own unique aesthetic. Especially in the morning, be sure to brush your hair out of the light and not get out of the house.

  But things tend to be somewhat unsatisfactory.

  One day, I helped my mother-in-law to go to the toilet, and when she was seated, I was naturally standing next to her. I was ready to wait for her to finish her work and help her to get back to her room. But the mother-in-law didn't know what to say, she said nothing: "you go back to the ward, jose, I can do it myself." But I had to leave.

  After a while, the bitter mother-in-law came back to the ward, "oh, I'm sorry, I got my shit in my pants." I listen, gu no blame, hurriedly comfort: "no matter, don't matter, I help you clean up!"

  Then, I picked up my mother-in-law and hurried to the home, and I got a breath to carry my mother-in-law on the fifth floor. Strip, shower, change clothes, wash, a chase after the busy life, the comfortable mother-in-law of the body and mind relaxed with me to see and smile.


  The mother-in-law is old and her mother-in-law is beginning to talk. Chat in courtyards, mother-in-law only one topic: what lotus son gave me a delicious, bought nothing to wear, how much pocket money for me, help me to take a shower, comb my hair for me, feed me to dinner, wash feet for me... Wait, wait.

  Time and tide keep on.

  The mother-in-law was admitted to the hospital again because of asthma. I'll get the atomizer for a while, take the spittoon, get a massage, and beat back...

  Whatever the care, the 84-year-old mother-in-law still smiles and sleeps with my hand.

  This sleep, I don't wake up...

  The mother-in-law walks with a smile.

  The mother-in-law brought her smile to another world...